What Is The Best Allergy Medicine To Take?

I have had a really bad allergy “attack” for the last 2 weeks. I have tried Allegra and Claritin, and my nose is still stuffed up to the point where I can barely breathe, my eyes are still watering, and my nose is continually running. It’s gross!! And my husband is a light sleeper and isn’t getting much sleep when I’m constantly waking up in the middle of the night blowing my nose. What can I take that works asap that I can get over the counter?  —Posted by Mac

3 thoughts on “What Is The Best Allergy Medicine To Take?

  1. These are the best allergy medicines according to surveys and research. -Claritin -Zyrtec -Benadryl -Chlor-Trimeton -Cortaid -Visine-A -Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride But before taking any of those. Better consult a doctor first if it is safe for you.

  2. Different allergy medications work differently for different people. Yes, that is a lot of “diffrents” but it’s true. Say you have an allergy to a type of weed or grass, Allegra may work because it works good for people who are not around that type of weed or grass very often (Just an example, it could be the other way around). I have hundreds of allergies, yes hundreds and I have to take many different nose sprays, eye drops, over the counters and prescriptons and creams. However, for immediatee relief, I have found that “Benadryl” works the best. Again this is what works for ME. So, it may work different for you. The best result may be just to do a bit of experimenting. Here are some over the counter medications: Zyrtec Benadryl Afrin (Nose Spray) I have found all of these very successful. Talk to your localpharmacistt, describe your conditions and see what they recommend.

  3. VICKS MEDINITE SYRUP It clears my nose and helps me sleep right through the night. I dont know how it will help you throughout the day but it may at least give you a good nights sleep.

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