How Much Should Allergies Affect Eyelash Follicles?

I have seasonal allergies, take Claritin and Sudafed PE for it. My doc told me the reason my eyelashes are falling out is allergies. He recommended using allergy eye drops. It helps a little bit but not enough. It’s worse on my left eye than right, more in the middle than the edges. What happens is, my eyelids right along the edge where the lashes grow get so itchy. It feels like there is something in my lashes like a loose eyebrow hair, so I try to get it, and end up pulling out several eyelashes. The eyelashes in that area just are not anchored as firmly in their follicles as other hairs or eyelashes that stay in. Seriously, when I tried pulling out some hairs off my arm, I had to pull kinda hard, and it hurt but they didn’t come out – it does not hurt, there is no resistence with my lashes on that eye.
Anyone have any idea what might be causing this? (It doesn’t seem to fit what I have read about allopecia.)

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  1. i dont think its allopecia, if you rub your eyes alot, then you are loosening them, which makes it really easy for them to get irratated and fall out, i have to be careful of this same thing but not for allergies just becuase i touch my eyes alot, try your very best not to rub your eyelashes if you rub your eyes, i stop touching mine and now they dont fall out. I hope this helps, good luck, i know how frustrating it is.

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