How Long After Allergy Tests Do They Start Shots?

I had an allergy test in 3rd grade and just been on allergy meds now and none have been working for the past 3 years. I am now 23 and going in to get testing again and hopefully shots as well. I was wondering how soon after doing the scratch test they give you your first shot. I can’t find any details on it. I just cant wait to spend an hour in a room with a dog and not look like I am high and sneezing.

2 thoughts on “How Long After Allergy Tests Do They Start Shots?

  1. It may take three weeks or so before they make the serum and you can start shots. However, when I had allergy shots, it was two years before I could tell any improvement. My series of shots lasted nine years, but it was five years before I had the maximum benefit from the shots. The shots really did do me a lot of good, but it takes time for them to get strong enough to help.

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