Defeat heat!

High humidity mixed with higher temperatures and air pollution can make inhaling and exhaling difficult for everybody, espe­cially for those who have asthma. Here are a few easy-to-follow tips on how to protect your lungs throughout the dog days of summer time.

The Air Quality Index is definitely an index for confirming daily air quality. It tells you how clean or polluted your air is actually, and what associated health effects could be a concern for you personally. Quality of air rankings are divided into six levels and from healthy to hazardous. To check out the local air quality and also receive automatic air quality alerts, you are able to download the American Lung Asso­ciation’s State from the Air application, available at chest. org and in Android and apple iphone markets, or go to AirNow. gov.

Deal­ing along with rising temperatures is a little easier if you take a few minutes to prepare. Pack the bag with everything you need to control asthma symptoms if they crop up while you’re away. Your quick-relief inhaler ought to be with you at all times; you never know your luck whenever you might need it. You must also carry your own spacer or valved holding chamber. Use it along with your quick-relief inhaler because directed by your physician.

On really hot days, even regular activity can feel
strenuous and also cause asthma signs and symptoms.

Your bag should also include a copy of your asthma plan of action. Stick to the instructions presented in your plan as soon as you start to feel asthma signs and symptoms. Your peak flow meter, if recommended by your physician, is also best to have available. You might have a decrease in your peak flow reading before you even start to feel signs and symptoms. If you carry out, follow the instructions in your asthma plan of action. And ensure to usually bring along lots of water to drink so you can stay hydrated.

Making use of your quick-relief inhaler 15 to 30 minutes before you go outside in hot weather or exercising will help you prevent asthma symptoms. However asthma medicines work only if you utilize them the right way. Speak to your doctor about when and how to use your asthma medicines.

On really hot days, even regular activity can feel strenuous and also cause asthma signs and symptoms. If at all possible, schedule outdoor activities in the early morning or late evening. Stay inside where it’s cool whenever possible. Whenever at home or in the vehicle, keep win­dows closed as well as the air conditioning on. Air-conditioned places like museums, your local library, and cinemas are cool grounds for family and friends during the heat of the day.

Playing around the water area and swimming not only will keep a person cool but it also can be great workout. However , chlorine as well as other chemicals found in outdoor and indoor pools and also water slides can be an asthma cause. Before jumping within the deep end, ensure the pool area is well ventilated and also doesn’t have a powerful chlorine or chemical substance odor. If you can smell the chemicals, it is probably best to leave.

Sunblocks, tanning lotion, bug spray, and citronella candle lights all have fragrances which could worsen asthma signs and symptoms. Choose products that are usually unscented, and choose lotions instead of aerosol vaporisateur. You can prevent mosquito breeding grounds by simply emptying containers with position water and changing the water in birdbaths each few days.



Should you cut out breads to stop bloating?

Should you cut out breads to stop bloating?

Is eating bread giving you bloating along with other digestive signs and symptoms? If you are, you may be ‘sensitive’ to wheat. Cutting out bread or altering the type you eat may help.


What’s with wheat?

You can find three key health problems caused by wheat.

    • Wheat allergy: reactions generally begin within minutes including itching, rash, tongue or lips swelling and wheezing. Look at your GP for referral to an NHS allergy clinic.
    • Coeliac disease: also called gliadin intolerance, is the most common digestive condition where your intestine can’t absorb gluten found in wheat, barley, oats and rye. Look at your GP for the blood examination.
    • Wheat sensitivity: symptoms like bloating, cramping, diarrhoea and sickness come on quite slowly, usually hours after eating wheat. There is absolutely no diagnostic examination.



It’s fashionable these days to give up eating breads. A growing number of people claim to suffer from wheat allergy and we shun bread along with other wheat-based foods.

Legitimate food allergy is actually rarely to blame, say professionals. But wheat sensitivity (also known as wheat intolerance) or simply problems digesting wheat is progressively typical.


Bread-related stomach signs and symptoms

” Most likely one-third of patients in my allergy clinic make a complaint of digestive symptoms for example bloating, constipation, vomiting and stomach pain after eating breads, ” states Isabel Skypala PhD, specialist allergy dietitian at the Royal Brompton and also Harefield NHS Foundation Rely on.

She shares allergy is not likely to be the reason, but bread-related signs and symptoms are real and wheat could be to fault.

” Some individuals find certain foods are simply hard to digest and also wheat appears to be one of these, ” she explains.

Learn how to inform if you have a food allergy or even intolerance.


What to do if wheat triggers digestive signs and symptoms

If your symptoms are serious and long-lasting, particularly if you have bloodstream inside your stools (poo), throwing up or painful stomach cramping, see your doctor to rule out a medical problem.

When you have bloating in addition to other minor symptoms after eating bread, Doctor Skypala recommends that you try a removal diet. This is where you completely cut out wheat out of your diet for 4 weeks then bring it in return in gradually to verify if symptoms come back again.

” If you bring wheat-based foods back in, I suggest trying weetabix or even pasta first for a couple days before starting on breads. It’s preferable to start with wheat in a more 100 % pure form as bread has a lot of other ingredients, ” Doctor Skypala states.


Is it wheat intolerance or even sensitivity?

If your symptoms return, it confirms you’re sensitive to wheat and will even help to teach you which foods are especially bothersome. Some people might have problems with teigwaren, for instance , while some are fine till they eat breads.

In case you are sensitive to wheat, or you have trouble digesting it, the main way to relieve your symptoms is to start a wheat-free or partly wheat-free diet plan.


The primary sources of wheat

    • Breads
    • Teigwaren
    • Cereals
    • Couscous
    • Tarts and also pastries
    • Cookies
    • Doughnuts
    • Hydrolysed veggie protein (HVP)
    • Beverage
    • Me llaman spices



These wheat-free foods are a great alternative:

    • Porridge, rice crispies and also cornflakes
    • Buckwheat teigwaren
    • Quinoa



Tips on how to go on a wheat-free diet plan

Cutting out bread along with other foods containing wheat shouldn’t harm your health, should you it appropriately.

Wheat is one of our own staple foods and a lot of wheat products, such as breakfast cereals, are prepared with minerals and vitamins.

In the past there was a threat of running short of essential nutrients such as the B vitamins and also iron, should you cut out wheat. But nowadays there is a good range of widely available wheat-free alternatives that won’t compromise a well-balanced diet plan.

Find out more about minerals and vitamins.

” You can find great wheat alternatives that you can buy off the supermarket rack now. Choose gluten-free bread and try other sorts of grains for example quinoa, hammer toe and rice, ” says Dr Skypala. ” Simply make sure you replacement other equally nutritious foods for that wheat-based ones you’re eliminating. ”

Make sure to cut out all wheat out of your diet. Some sources of wheat are generally obvious, for example breads, but others are less so , such as soy spices (see box).


Tummy-friendly breads

The good news is that you might not have to cut out breads totally.

Some individuals with wheat sensitivity have no problems once they eat toast (cooked wheat is often easier to digest), sourdough breads, bread cooked with flour made from Italian wheat, or any bread from a specialist bakery rather than grocery store.

” Bakeries in supermarkets use the Chorleywood bread-making procedure, which reduces the second growing to speed up the baking. People seem to have more problems digesting grocery store breads, so I’d always recommend avoiding store-bought loaves, ” says Dr Skypala.


The particular anti-bloat FODMAP diet plan

A specific kind of wheat-free diet might help certain individuals with wheat sensitivity.

Created originally for those who have ib syndrome, the FODMAP diet has become being recommended by dietitians to people that have problems digesting wheat.

It’s not a catchy name but FODMAP means fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and also polyols, which are types of carbohydrates that aren’t easily broken down and absorbed by the stomach.

Essentially, the diet involves cutting out fermentable foods that can cause microbial growth, resulting in diarrhoea and bloating. That means eliminating wheat along with other fermentable foods for example onion, apple company, oranges, mushrooms, darling, cabbage and quite often dairy.

” The particular FODMAP diet continues to be hugely successful for those who have IBS. Because it excludes wheat, many people with wheat sensitivity may also find it helpful, ” says Dr Skypala.

The particular FODMAP diet is most effective if it’s along with special dietary advice from a dietitian. You can find FODMAP-trained dietitians working in the NHS and also privately. If you want to see an NHS dietitian, ask your GP or consultant to refer you.

Find out more about the FODMAP diet plan.

Here’s a list of foods suitable on a FODMAP diet (PDF, 369kb).

Learn more about the best foods to help your digestive function.

Schoolgirl, six, has such serious allergies she might be killed with a kiss and has to be wrapped in bandages twenty-four hours a day

  • Isla experienced a severe reaction right after her sister gave your ex a kiss hours right after drinking whole milk
  • The woman skin flares up so badly people ask if I have burnt her, states mother

Through Daily Mail Media reporter


The top-to-toe bandages protect Isla's skin from allergens

The actual top-to-toe bandages shield Isla’s skin from things that trigger allergies

Just a little girl has such severe allergies that even a kiss can be dangerous.

Isla Franks, six, suffers such serious reactions that she actually is wrapped in bandages from the throat down at any hour, to protect her super-sensitive skin.

The woman condition is so serious that she needed to be rushed in order to hospital after her little sister gave her a kiss – hours right after she had drunk a glass of whole milk.

The woman parents have to use her clothes in a freezer rather than wardrobe – because of her extreme reaction to dirt mites.

Isla was diagnosed with extreme allergies to eggs, whole milk, wheat, grass and dust when the girl was just six months old – and also her parents told she would have to be wrapped in bandages to protect your ex skin.

Isla features a special cupboard on her food to stop it entering contact with other things.

The woman
mother Katy, from Stoke-on-Trent, Employees, stated: ‘We can’t do the points
that other family members can – even something as normal as heading out for dinner might be deadly for Isla.

anything at all Isla is allergic in order to so much as brushes past her skin, she comes up in a huge angry rash that is really painful for your ex.

‘And if it goes anywhere near her face, your ex throat will start to swell. S he has so many allergies, it’s hard to keep her faraway from them. ‘

The actual schoolgirl struggles to live a normal lifestyle – and is frequently sent home from school after struggling with outbreaks.

month, the girl suffered a reaction right after sitting next to an institution friend who possessed a cat – exposing another allergy on her worried parents to increase checklist.

Mrs Franks added: ‘We realized that something wasn’t proper when Isla was six months old – the girl stopped sleeping properly and also was really grumpy.

‘Her skin would flare up so badly that people even stopped me within the supermarket and inquired if I had burnt your ex.

medical center carried out all sorts of tests, and discovered the girl was allergic to eggs, milk, wheat, dust and grass – we were devastated.

‘We were told she had to wear bandages to pay for her skin in the neck down to stop her skin flaring upward.

‘When your ex skin gets particularly bad,
Isla should have a layer of wet bandages, to awesome her skin, over her usual layer associated with dry bandages, which she has to wear twenty-four hours a day.

Gather of Isla during an allergic attack the afternoon after a neighbour cut their grass (left) and wearing your ex special coverings (right)

‘Isla doesn’t know any different from having the bandages upon, but they carry out irritate her. I need to sleep with her at night now to stop her scratching in her rest, and pulling them off.

‘There are a lot of points she misses on that all your ex friends can do, which really does upset me personally.

‘Isla can’t go to celebrations, or round on her friend’s houses to play, because it’s too dangerous on her. If one of another children touched your ex after eating something, it could eliminate your ex.

‘She can’t take part in sports day, or perhaps sit on the particular carpet with the other children at school, because if there is any trace of dirt within it, Isla’s allergies will appear.

‘The a single blessing is the fact that she’s been exactly the same her expereince of living, so the girl doesn’t really know any different.

‘She really does sometimes get upset when she sees other children doing things she can’t carry out.

Isla with her parents Dan and Katy, who must be vigilant at all times

Isla with her parents Dan and also Katy, that must be vigilant all the time

Isla and her mum Katy on holiday when Isla was eighteen months-old. She was diagnosed with several allergies when she was just six months-old

Isla and also her mum Katy on vacation when Isla was eighteen months-old. The lady was diagnosed with many allergies when she was just six months-old

‘The other day, she noticed some children eating your favorite ice cream, and inquired ‘what does that taste like, Mummy? ’, which was truly upsetting.

‘But she’s a brave girl, and also doesn’t let her allergies hamper playing around and becoming a normal little girl.

‘It sounds like a cliche to say you can’t wrap your kids up in cotton wool – but I literally have to. ‘

Skin patch could free a large number of sufferers through peanut allergy

  • Tiny amounts of peanut protein enter the skin by way of a newly-designed skin spot

Through Pat Tengan


Scientists have developed an epidermis patch that can conquer dangerous peanut allergic reactions.

The actual stick-on patch is packed with tiny traces of peanut protein and can help System.Drawing.Bitmap suffering from life-threatening reactions to the popular treat.

Worn on the arm or even back, the patch allows minute levels of the protein to gradually seep through the top layers of the pores and skin.

Around one in 14 children aged under three have a food allergy. Most grow out of them, however peanut allergies are more persistent

About one in 14 children aged under three have a food allergy. Most grow away from them, nevertheless peanut allergies tend to be more consistent

It then comes into contact with immune system tissues which would normally bring about a life-threatening overreaction.

However the proteins come in such tiny quantities that the immune tissues slowly get used to their presence, learning to recognise peanuts so they shall no longer be a danger.

Consequently, the particular body’s defences quit overreacting when they come into contact with peanuts.

It, concerning the size of 10 pence piece, just entered the year-long international trial including more than 200 sufferers with severe peanut allergic reactions.

The actual volunteers will either put on a peanut patch or even an identical dummy 1, changing it for any new one daily.

Scientists behind the patch hope it will help individuals with known peanut allergic reactions whose lives are put at risk through accidentally coming into contact with tiny levels of the harmful protein.

About one in 50 children in the UK comes with an allergy to peanuts. It often starts when children are very young and many first allergy symptoms take place whenever a child is in between 14 months and two years old.

The patch contains a deposit of peanut proteins (the antigen), which is slowly released into the skin

It contains a down payment of peanut healthy proteins (the antigen). DBV according to the condensation chamber enables the release of disolveable proteins and allows hyper-hydration of the pores and skin making it easier for your proteins to your skin

Kids are 30 per cent more prone to have it than girls as well as children from relatively affluent homes face double the risk of their poorer counterparts.

Final September, 17-year-old Captain christopher Smith in the Wirral died through peanut allergy after taking just one bite of the chicken and chips take-away food.

A lot of sufferers have to hold a device called an EpiPen, which may be utilized in an emergency to inject the hormone gusto, which dampens lower inflammation and swelling in the airways throughout a severe attack.

The actual breakthrough patch, known as Viaskin Peanut, will not cause anaphylactic surprise – the very serious reaction where the airways shut down within minutes – because the proteins remain in the skin and do not penetrate as far as the bloodstream.

A spokesman for French firm DBV Technologies, which developed the patch, stated: ‘There are no treatments in the marketplace for this life-threatening disease. Viaskin Peanut brings real hope for an incredible number of patients. ’

Exactly the same firm is also developing a similar patch to help children with milk allergy.

Offering small doses of egg to children ‘can cure allergy’

  • Immunotherapy should not have to get attempted outside strictly controlled research conditions

By Daily Mail Reporter


Quiche, omelettes and pasta might be back on the menu for children with egg allergies, after researchers developed an effective exposure therapy.

Within tests, more than a quarter of kids fed small amounts of egg dropped the allergy altogether, while others demonstrated higher tolerance to exposure to eggs.

The findings add weight to the concept of oral immunotherapy – where the immune system is taught to tolerate something with small but progressively growing exposures.

A quarter of particpants were able to eat eggs after the treatment

A quarter of particpants were able to eat eggs after the treatment

Simliar studies have suggested the same approach could be useful in milk and peanut allergies.

But researchers in the John Hopkins Children’s Center warn that although showing promising outcomes, oral immunotherapy is still in its childhood and should not be attempted outside firmly controlled research conditions.

For your study, published in The New England Journal of Medicine, 35 of 40 children treated with egg immunotherapy experienced improvement.

Five of the 40 patients dropped out of the research, four of them due to allergic reactions associated with treatment.

Of the remainder, eleven experienced complete long-term elimination of egg-related allergic reactions, the most sought-after restorative outcome.

The rest of the children could tolerate higher doses of egg with only mild or no symptoms, but lost some of their tolerance after discontinuing treatment.

But researchers say a higher threshold of tolerance is an important therapeutic marker because it may protect against serious allergic reactions from accidental or incidental exposures and give patients and parents peace of mind at restaurants or parties where food control is difficult.

Dr Robert Wooden said: ‘More than a quarter of the children in our study lost their own egg allergies altogether, but we all also saw dramatic improvements within those who didn’t, which in and of by itself is an important therapeutic achievement.

‘These children went from having serious allergic reactions after a single bite of an egg-containing cookie to consuming eggs along with minimal or no symptoms. ‘

Could YOU be allergic to your Christmas woods? Pines are haven for adjusts

By Lucy Elkins

Bar humbug: The traditional pine could actually be ruining many people's Christmas by causing serious allergic reactions

Bar humbug: The traditional pine could actually be ruining many people’s Christmas by causing serious allergic reactions

Some aspects of Christmas are certainly more appealing than others, but there is one component few of us do without: the particular tree.

With presents throughout the base and lights and decorations twinkling, it becomes the focal point of any home at this time of yr.

Yet new research suggests that rather than enhancing the festive feel, the standard Christmas pine tree may actually be making some people ill.

Christmas Forest Syndrome — as it is known — is caused by a number of different adjusts that grow on these trees.

They are found on the trees naturally but they flourish and rapidly embrace number once inside our snug, centrally heated homes.

This came to light initially in a study conducted by allergy specialist Dr Lawrence Kurlandsky, who was interested to discover why respiratory illnesses peak around Christmas.

This individual asked colleagues at the Upstate Healthcare University in New York to provide clippings of bark and pine needles from the Christmas tree they’d acquired in their home.

He and his team found 53 different kinds of mould present on 23 samples, according to the research published in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.

These weren’t everyday mould — 70 per cent were of the kind that can trigger asthma attacks, sneezing and a runny nose. ‘I do think this study is very significant, ’ says Dr Adrian Morris, a good allergy specialist from the Surrey Allergy Clinic.

‘It has been previously suspected how the Christmas tree might be causing allergic reactions and allergy-triggered asthma in particular.

Before this study it was thought that all the tree pollen or even the bud killer applied to trees could be accountable. Now we know that it’s the mold.

‘What is so interesting about this study would be that the mould they found in highest quantities on the trees — aspergillus, penicillium, cladosporium and alternaria — would be the moulds most likely to trigger allergic reactions. ’

Trigger: Moulds naturally occur on the pines, but flourish rapidly when brought into centrally heated environments of our homes

Trigger: Moulds naturally occur on the pines, yet flourish rapidly when brought straight into centrally heated environments of our houses

These moulds can cause regular allergic rhinitis, leading to a loading nose and sinus pain, yet may also trigger an asthma attack.

‘Around 10 per cent of the people with allergy-based asthma have attacks brought on by mould, and cladosporium is one of the main culprits for this, ’ says Dr Morris.

‘The number of cladosporium spores circulating often increase at this time of year anyway (it’s typically found among rotting leaves or compost heaps) and this can cause outbreaks of asthma attacks that lead to A& E departments being inundated along with cases. ’

The typical signs that your woods may be making you ill are in case you suddenly have an asthma attack after the tree is brought indoors or even if your nose suddenly starts operating and you are sneezing, even though you don’t feel like you have a cold.

Miserable experience: Mould from the pines can cause allergic rhinitis, sinus pain and even trigger an asthma attack

Dismal experience: Mould from the pines may cause allergic rhinitis, sinus pain and also trigger an asthma attack

By the time the particular tree has been up for two weeks, the amount of spores found in an average flat boost from 800 per cubic metres to 5, 000  per cubic metre, according to other research quoted in the study.

‘That is more than enough to trigger a good allergic reaction, ’ says Dr Morris. ‘To put that into viewpoint, with hay fever you need around 50 pollen per cubic metres to trigger symptoms in a hay fever sufferer. ’

For some people the effects of the particular mould can be severe. In around one in 500 people — such as those with a compromised defense mechanisms — the aspergillus mould may settle and grow inside their air passage.

‘This may cause the sudden onset of the cough and fatigue that will not shift, ’ says Dr Morris.

‘It is normally diagnosed with a blood test but can be hard to treat, because anti-fungal treatments don’t work in the particular airways, so steroids usually have to be used instead. ’

And if that isn’t enough to make you start to edge the particular Christmas tree towards the door, there is more bad news. It’s not only the mould on the tree that can cause problems.

‘Someone with a lot of allergies can be allergic to smells and just the particular smell of the Christmas tree — which comes from the pine botanical — can trigger sneezes plus wheezes in some people, ’ says Dr Bill Frankland of the Greater london Allergy Clinic.

‘Also, if someone already has a respiratory allergy (such concerning a pet or dust mites) then the lining of their nose is already over-secreting and sensitive and the mould at the Christmas tree may make the symptoms of their normal allergy worse. ’

However , because Christmas involves a lot of to-ing plus fro-ing between friends and family members it can be hard to identify whether your runny nose is due to the Christmas tree, dust mites at your friend’s house or Auntie Ethel’s cat.

‘If your symptoms get worse in the area where the tree is and especially if you get close to the tree — for instance , as you take presents off it — then it is safe to say the particular allergen causing your problems can be coming from the tree, ’ says Doctor Frankland.

Relief at hand: Experts recommend using sprays to alleviate the condition as they target the nasal passages where the reaction is triggered

Relief available: Experts recommend using sprays to alleviate the condition as they target the sinus passages where the reaction is brought on

So if the finger of blame points to the tree what should you do about it?

Packing aside the fairy and binning the particular tree is quite an extreme measure — especially as they are far from inexpensive.

‘What you can do is to spray it having a mild bleach solution, as this will help kill off the mould, ’ advises Dr Morris. ‘Do this before you decide to take the tree into the house — and preferably when it is still wrapped up, as it will be easier. If you are suffering from mild sneezes or just a runny nose, then take antihistamines.

‘The nasal sprays are the best because they work directly on the nasal passages where the allergic reaction to the mould can be triggered. ’

The other option would be to make do with an artificial tree instead. This is especially worth doing just for parents who suffer from bad asthma or allergies.

‘Their children may be what we call atopic — prone to creating allergies — and they may become sensitised to mould if exposed to it early on, ’ says Dr Morris.

‘If they get exposed to these adjusts within the first year of their life, they may develop an allergy for them later on. Artificial trees are a safe option for allergy sufferers because they are made of plastic.

‘Artificial trees won’t develop mould and house dust mites (another common allergy trigger) will not gather on them when they get added too the loft after Christmas. ’

Fake trees may not deliver that lovely pine smell or make quite the same atmosphere as a genuine one. But if you’ve found yourself sneezing and wheezing recently, they’re a solution not to be sniffed at.

Did you know….

The carol In The bleak Midwinter started life as a poetry competition entry

The carol Within the bleak Midwinter started life like a poetry competition entry