Can Pollen Allergies Be Passed On To Others?

Well, I don’t know if I still am but every Spring I got my allergies. Mid-way through Spring, I stopped taking my medicine and I was just fine. But that same day, my sister, who was not allergic to anything, suddenly got an allergic reaction to pollen. I asked my mom and my health teacher if they knew if that was possible but they said they never heard of anything like that happening and think it was just an interesting coincidence. I think that may be true but I would like someone else’s opinion about this. Thanks to whoever answers this. —-Peter, from Tax Lien Help.

3 thoughts on “Can Pollen Allergies Be Passed On To Others?

  1. Allergies are not communicable in the sense that bacteria are. You cannot catch someone’s allergy the way you can catch their cold. However, allergies can be inherited, so perhaps your sister became allergic simply because you have the same parents. Or maybe she just wanted to hog all the attention :o)

  2. No, allergies are not infectious. It is likely that your sister has allergies too. It may be that it was previously not detected. Read this section on pollen allergy…

  3. Allergy Disease is ATOPIC. Meaning it CAN be Genitically passed on to your Off Spring. If 1 Parent has Allergies / Asthma … Odds are 50 % their Offspring will also have… If 2 Parents… Odds are 75% MANY Parents and soon to be Parents Do Not know this… Further… they do NOT Know that they can Neutralize their Allergies via ImmunoTherapy Allergy DROPs BEFORE they have Kids…. As they say… The Allergy Apple does NOT Fall far from the Allergy Parent Tree… So… Neutralize YOUR Allergies before you have kids.

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