Can An Allergy Cause A Tight And Burning Sensation In The Throat?

Im not sure if its an allergy or what, but every few hours a day, I get that sensation and sometimes (Not always) start coughing a lot, and then it completely disappears.
I have no idea what is causing it either, it just comes on randomly.

2 thoughts on “Can An Allergy Cause A Tight And Burning Sensation In The Throat?

  1. Not only is that an allergy symptom, but it’s one of the more dangerous ones. A tight, burning throat is the first sign of anphylaxis. You can be fine the first, second, or hundredth time it happens, and swell up and stop breathing the very next time. Not a symptom to take lightly! If you can’t tie your reaction to a specific time, food, drug, place or other trigger, I’d highly recommend an allergist. Their tests aren’t perfect, but in your case could discover a life threatening trigger. Good luck!

  2. Yes, that it usually one of the main symptoms when taking an allergy attack. You might be coughing if you are near someone who is smoking and you won’t be used to it or you might have some sort of mild hay fever? If you are aware of any present allergies try and see if they are around and get some medicine to help it. You could also ask you’re doctor.

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